How I made my client $50K in one day

Join me as we take an in-depth look at how I helped my client, Irina Pichura craft a "Leadpages Landing Page of the Year" and make more than $50,000.

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Meet the Client

Irina is a Career Coach who helps her clients get job interviews and land their dream job. She’s since expanded her business to included business coaching.

The Challenges


Irina had launched her new course twice before coming to me to get help with her sales page. While she was confident she had a great product, she was only able to enroll several people in her first two launches.


Knowing that her product was high quality, she knew she needed conversion-focused eyes and an experienced copywriter to help her speak more effectively to her clientele.


Irina knew that to see results, her sales page would have to speak to her people in their language and connect with them through sales psychology principles.

Which is why she called yours truly.

“Speaking to my audience is really hard. I use this analogy a lot—it’s like being inside of the pillbox, trying to read the label on the outside. So, while I’m an excellent writer and write grammatically well, I find that kind of writing doesn’t easily translate into sales copy, especially when it has to speak emotionally to my prospects.”



Irina and I had a Free Discovery Call and, after hearing her launch woes, and quickly reviewing her page, I knew I could help her out. So, we got our Day Rate on the calendar in October of 2018.

Once she was booked in, I sent her an in-depth questionnaire that helped us get to the core of her unique value proposition, the details of her offer, and the psychology and demographics of her target audience.

Before the day of, I did an in-depth review of her materials and came ready with a game plan.

“I absolutely love the process. We got to connect really quickly. Sarah had the coolest tools to screenshare my sales page, do live edits, and go through whole the process.”


On the Day

Usually, Day Rates include a Pre-Work Meeting, a Mid-Day Session, and an Post-Work Review where I work solo in between. But, because Irina was so recently off of her launch, she had so many key insights and our Pre-Work meeting extended to doing live edits together.

Collaborating made the words flow—fast. So we were able to re-write the entire page.

We focused our attention on improving several key elements:

  • Making sure the structure was logical and message hierarchy would increase conversions.
  • Positioning of her offer and communicating her unique selling proposition.
  • Packing in Irina’s branding, voice, humor, and unmistakable personality throughout the page.
  • Ensuring that everything we were writing would resonate deeply with her target audience.
  • Layout and design choices including headlines that would increase conversion.

We recorded our session together and finished out the day a little tired but knowing we had something really good on our hands.

“Sarah just really made the page sound so relatable. Now, I know that when my target audience reads it, they’ll know, ‘This is something that I need!"  


The Result


Irina left the day with a newly re-written sales page that better reflected her brand, spoke to her target audience on a deeper level, and was fully optimized for conversions. With that she was ready to re-launch.

“When I had written it before I had just thrown everything in and Sarah showed me there’s certain things that can be left out that distract from the message or can be said more concisely or with more personality. When I read what I used to have and then what I had after, it’s like night and day and I definitely recommend it to everyone.”


Re-Launching & Mo' Sales

After we completed our work, Irina re-launched in 2018 and, with continued optimization of her sales funnel, began selling her course with more success.  She was eventually able to put the whole funnel on evergreen.

Today, it’s running in the background of her business bringing in sales while she pursues other profit centers in her business.

In addition to her success in 2018, here are the results she’s seen as of July 2019:

  • Enrolled 101 people to her course
  • Earned $50,000…and there’s still more year left.
  • Used her passive income stream to launch a second business.

Award Winners

Remember when I mentioned an award?


In addition to her gangbusters sales, Irina also let me know that in January 2019 the sales page I wrote was given a “Top 5 Best Landing Pages of 2018 Leadpages Award”!

Out of over 500 submissions her sales page was chosen

Of course, Irina has been pleased as punch with her results and we’ve scheduled several more projects together (stay tuned for more killer case studies).

If having an award-winning sales page—or just making a whole bunch of money

—sounds like something you’d like, let’s hop on a Free Discovery Call and get your Day Rate scheduled!

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