Your soulful business + voice of customer data + my crafty brain = MAJOR WIN

You’ve invested time and money with web developers...

brainstormed with graphic designers...

posed with photographers...

and nit-picked your content into oblivion..

But, all those nice pictures, designs, and professional code aren’t translating to sales because even the shiniest widgets and gallery scrollers can’t stand-alone.

Don't let your website be just a pretty face with no substance.
Your business is more than that. You're more than that.

What I Do

I specialize in conversion copy—that sticky stuff that sucks in your potential clients, gets deep into their heads and hearts and presents them with your special sauce as a solution to their problem.

Why Hire Me

You're a soulful solopreneur out to make BIG change in the world but you're stuck in a rut. Working with the wrong clients, and wondering if you can keep your business going.  Copywriting is a special kind of art and science that solves those problems and more. Spend your time doing what you're best at—changing lives—and pass off your sales copy to a pro.

What you get

  • Copy that inspires action and matches who YOU are
  • Clients—the RIGHT clients
  • Professional messaging on the web
  • All the things you need from a salesman, sans hair gel

You’re ready to bring in that cha-ching. I’m here to write the words that help you do it.


The Packages


Better in AN Hour 

$400 1 hour

You've already written your copy. Sure, it's there, but is it working? 

With this package we'll work together via video chat to really punch up your copy and take it from "Oh that sounds good." to "Sign me up!"  




$1600 6 hours

Don't want to wait 'til my next project opening? Borrow my brain for the day!

While projects vary, in 6 hours, we can expect to accomplish:

1-3 Web pages depending on complexity and length


A full site "punchup" and optimization




$1200 (2 weeks)

With the Date Your Prospects Package I really get in your clients' heads and present you with the fully custom-to-you Date Your Prospects Messaging Guide that tells you:

- What your ideal client really wants and needs from you

-  Where that intersects with your strengths, goals, and innate awesomeness

- Suggestions on your positioning in the market

- And more! 



World's best copy


$2200 (3 Weeks)


Included in this package: 

- 3 Pages of expertly researched and written copy

- 2 Hour Zoom Chat

- In depth customer and competitor research and analysis

-Creative Brief

- 1 Round of Revisions

- 1 Live Edit Session



  • All prices listed in USD
  • All services of $500 or more require 50% paid up front and 50% after project completion. Services under $500 require 100% payment up front.
  • I promise to work as hard as I can to give you the World's Best Copy, but I don't offer refunds. If you're not ready to make a big investment yet, let's try starting with a small package instead.


PS- Need web design and photography to really round out your website? I've got the hookup. Just say the word and I'll connect you with some rad talent to complement your copy.

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Not sure which one's right for you? I do.

Book a free 30 minute discovery call with me below! 


Wanna hear something cool? 

5% of all project my project fees go to helping women become Entrepreneurs and fight poverty.