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Oh hello, you must be the next big thing

Calling all big time course-creators, service providers, next-level consultants, 6, 7, & 8-figure entrepreneurs…

You ready to show up with copy that’s forever classic (like an ice cold coke)?

Grab your ice cubes and a glass & say “aaahhhh” with every sip.

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How I help you amplify your awesome—in every word.


Strategy Sit-Down

Strategy comes first. Period. So, every project begins with a questionnaire and kick off call where we get into the nitty-gritty.

We talk:
  • Brand Voice
  • Big picture strategy & how your copy fits in
  • Ideal Customer Avatar
  • Competition & how we’ll make you stand out from the rest
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Funnel/Launch logistics

Creative Brief

After our initial call, I set off and mine for my own data and put my findings together for you in a creative brief.

Once you review it, and you’re sure the direction is perfect, I get to writing and completing your project.



Now, for the fun part.

I’ve got everything I need to rock your copy and deliver your next hall-of-fame magnum opus.

All you have to do is kick back and wait.



Every project includes one round of revisions and one LIVE review via zoom.

Here’s where we get your rock-star copy to it’s glammed perfection—so it sounds like you but AMPLIFIED.



We’ve come a long way, baby. Time to launch your awesome new copy and catch your next big pay

When unique is what you seek.

There’s an art and a science to being a hit—a classic, if you will—in your industry and going down in the 7-figure-plus hall of fame.

So what’s the secret to standing out and getting paid like a big league player (even in really crowded industries)?

Hint: It goes deeper than “swipe files”, “conversion hacks”, or “just being different”.

Here’s the deal—the internet changes at the speed of…the internet. There’s always some bigger, louder, fancier brand out there. Elbowing your way into the conversation, keeping up with changing algorithms, and seething with brand envy can make hitting your 6-figure payday feel impossible.

But don’t worry—the greats ain’t got nothing you don’t (even if it seems that way).

They’ve just tapped into the secret for finding and amplifying what it is that makes them awesome and weaving it into every word of their web copy, launches, funnels—everywhere.

I help you tap into your unique awesome and become an instant hit with your people—just like the big players.

It’s your time to become a standout classic in your industry—let’s make you the next big thing.


Web Copy

starting at $5500 USD

Website shame is so two-thousand and LATE.

You're not just some carbon copy of another-big player in your industry—but if your copy's starting to look like Marie Forleo fan's time to up-level.

So, what’s your vibe? 

Is it light and airy like soft kisses on a summer’s day? 

Or is it more like the soundtrack for the revolution, man?

Whatever it is--we’re gonna find it, amplify it, and put it into every sweet lyric of your new website. ‘Cause classics don’t have an expiration date and neither should your web copy. 

Whether it’s time for a copy overhaul or it’s your first website coming to life--this is where first impressions turn into relationships which turn into sales. Get a unique concept that ties in you, your experience, philosophy, and your awesome into every.single.word.

That’s how you become the next big thing in your industry.

Package includes 3-4 pages of web copy and are custom to your needs but generally include: 

  • Home Page + Pop-up copy if needed (~1000 words)
  • Services Page (~2000 words)
  • About Page (~1200 words)
  • Contact Page (~100 words)
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Funnel & Launch Copy

starting at $5500USD

True story: not all copywriters are strategists, and not all strategists are copywriters. I’m both! Which is how I help you write copy that doesn’t just sound nice and doesn’t just sell (which it will--like crazy).

I write you launch and funnel copy that’s foundation is rooted so deep into why you do what you do, it’s like looking into a gold-plated mirror. Because that’s how stand-out, 6-figure funnels and launches are made. 

I create you a custom package that includes writing on any/and all copy you need to launch or build a leak-proof funnel. And, I do it all with strategy and creativity at the helm. 

So, where can I help you rock your funnel or launch? Examples include: 

  • Longform Sales Pages (5,000-7,000 words)
  • Promo Email Sequences (10 or more sales sequence emails)
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End-to-End Funnel & Launch Copy & Consulting

starting at $15,000 USD

This one’s for the “do-nothing-halfway-ers”. The entrepreneurs who understand the power of a strategic, well-built funnel but have way better things to do than plan and write it themselves.

When I say end-to-end I really mean it. From baseline strategy, to creative briefing, to writing, all the way to launching--I’m right there with you. 

Get your next launch soaring sky-high or turn your current funnel evergreen and diversify your income.You’re way too big time for sales copy that sounds canned and artificial. And, with this package, you’ll get copy and strategy for a launch/funnel that’s memorable, unique, and highly profitable. 

Packages are custom to your needs but, here’s what’s generally included in an End-to-End Funnel & Launch package: 

  • Live strategy sessions and check-ins throughout the process 
  • One Long-form sales page (5,000-7,000words)
  • Webinar script 60-90 minutes
  • Webinar invite emails (3-4 emails)
  • Thank you pages (about 300 words)
  • A show-up and replay sequence for webinar-based funnels (2 emails)
  • Launch promotion emails (10-15 emails)
  • 2 Rounds of revisions on all deliverables

*This package is custom and appropriate for both live and evergreen funnels

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"This was my first time working with a copywriter and she made this process so fun and easy for me!

Working Zerkie was the most amazing experience! I needed a website for my new apparel company and I was unsure how to stand out in my crowded industry while still being true to myself.

She put into words what I could not and through words helped bring my brand, message, and copy to life. I love how she was able to inject humor (that was so me) into my copy, making it fun, enjoyable to read and targeted at my ideal customers. I highly recommend her—she is a talented and beautiful human being."

Jolene Harnish

Owner Staycation Apparel

"I am thrilled with the result! I cannot wait to share my new project with the world. I was struggling with this for almost 4 months and she solved it in 1 hr! Genius.

I worked with Zerkie to help me come up with a hook for my podcast. I was stuck. I wanted a hook that was inclusive and did justice to my passion and mission for it. First of all, I was blown away with her prep! She had read my posts, made extensive notes—which showed me that she truly cared. She is so meticulous and she made sure she didn’t overlook anything. In the hour we spent, we were able to come up with a name and a hook that met my criteria but she also worked her magic and added my personality to it.

 P.S  - I am 10000% sure, I’ll be working with her again!"

Deepshikha Saraim

Owner Socialique Group

“Within a minute of reading my sales page, Sarah had already somehow transformed the ‘voice’ of the page and what it was communicating.

She’s not only great with words but also quick thinking and deeply in-tune with the end customer. This combination makes her a valuable and talented copywriter that I would highly recommend for any business that’s looking to grow and capture a real audience.”

Christina Lopes DPT MPH


It’s time for copy so HOTT you’ll have to fan it off.

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