Your soulful business + voice of customer data + my crafty brain = All the DOllas

You’ve invested time and money with web developers...

...brainstormed with graphic designers

...posed with photographers

...and nit-picked your content into oblivion.

Take all that hard work up a notch with winning copy that's as edgy, punk, expressive, loud, caring, cool, [insert adjective here] as you are. 

You're more than a pretty face with no substance. And so is your business. 


What I Do

I specialize in conversion copy—that sticky stuff that sucks in your potential clients, gets deep into their heads and hearts and presents them with your special sauce as a solution to their problem.

Why Hire Me

You're a soulful solopreneur out to make BIG change in the world and you're ready to level-up your already killer business. Spend your time doing what you're best at—changing lives—and pass off your sales copy to a pro.

What you get

  • Copy that matches who YOU are

  • Clients—the RIGHT clients

  • Powerful messaging on the web

  • All the things you need from a salesman, sans hair gel

You’re ready to bring in that cha-ching.

I’m here to write the words that help you do it.


The Packages


Better in AN Hour

$650 1 hour

Perfect for you if:

- You’re nervous about an upcoming launch and want to make sure your sales or landing page will perform

- Something’s off with a page on your site (Home, About, or Work with Me) but you’re not quite sure what

- Your emails aren’t getting opened and clicked and you want to fix that ASAP

- ... and more.



$2200 6 hours

Perfect for you if:

- You’re FINALLY launching or re-launching that course of yours with a fully optimized long form sales page

- You want 2-3 pages of fresh web copy with expert messaging guidance

- You’re messaging has shifted and you need full site "punchup"

- You want a simple landing page for your next crazy popular opt-in or award-winning (and high-selling) offer

-You need a conversion focused email welcome sequence or short sales sequence.

- ... and beyond.

  • All prices listed in USD

  • I don't offer refunds. If you want to start small—no problemo! I've got packages at various price points for you to choose from.


PS- Need web design to really round out your website? I've got the hookup. Just say the word and I'll connect you with some rad talent to complement your copy.

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Not sure which one's right for you? I do.

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