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I’ve come a long way, baby. And I’m bringin’ you with me.

Hi, I’m Sarah Zerkel—conversion copywriter and online sales strategist.

Known Aliases: Zerkie, Zerks, Zerkel 

Pronouns: She, her, hers

I’m obsessed with helping next-level entrepreneurs stand out in crowded markets.

Because that’s how you make your mark on the world and snag your next big payday.

You’ve got the makings of an industry classic, a hall-of-famer, a big leaguer. 

And I’m telling you now, it goes deeper than pretty words on a page, conversion hacks, and fancy funnels. 

Since 2015, I’ve been watching my clients walk away knowing just what their “awesome” is and how to amplify and sell it like the unmistakable powerhouse they are--it’s what I live for. 

And--guess what--I’m about to do that for you too. 

But the story doesn’t start there…

So, how did I get to the word-slinging, conversion-big-timer heights of today?

I’ve been a writer since before I could spell (yea...really). 

Here’s the highlight reel

As a kid I would scribble unreadable wingdings in my journal and do a dramatic “reading” of my latest story for anyone who would listen. (The world’s always been my stage). I’d do my best to apply myself in other school subjects but writing was what lit my world on fire. Bet you didn’t know you’re talking to the winner of the 2004 Best Junior High Short Story Award didya? 

Once I hit the early 20’s I was an ambitious career-woman. I even ditched my nose ring to show how “serious” I was. Still...something felt so off. 

Mid-20’s found me wishing beyond measure to use my creativity (and my off-beat sense of humor). With the encouragement of some kick-ass mentors and a handful of lucky opportunities, I found a little side cash by writing. 

Record scratch. “Wait...I can make money AND fully lean into my innate strengths and creativity?!” 

I craved more. So, at 25, I ditched the slacks, slipped my nose ring back in and set out to make my mark on the world. 

I was in business, baby! 

Along the way, I worked with stellar coaches, mentors, and colleagues. I grew my conversion copy chops, my “big name” clientele, and my unique and profitable zing that kept bringin’ in powerhouse entrepreneurs ready to do the same. 

Now those “big names” are repeat clients. I’m still rocking my nose ring by the way. And, I’ve even added a few tattoos to the mix. Scandalous!

So here’s what this all means for you, future client: I’ve never really liked being told what to do ESPECIALLY when it comes to something I know inside and outside--building you a stage and handing over the mic. 

I’m guessing you don’t play by the rules either ‘cause a lot of those conversion rules and hacks we’re told to follow are usually...pretty boring. And, I’m on a mission to give boring the boot, help you stand out like never before, amplify your awesome, and give way and voice to that special somethin’ that the world desperately needs. 

And--psst--that’s how you hit your big league payday time and time again.

So, wanna roll with me?

There’s 3 ways to make you the Next Big Thing

Oh and did I mention...

Copywriters to Watch for 2018

Winner of 2018 Leadpages Awards

Media Bio

Sarah Zerkel is a conversion copywriter, online strategist, consultant, and speaker. Since 2016, she’s helped hundreds of brands and entrepreneurs stake a claim on their corner of their industry by amplifying their unique viewpoint (and their bottom line). She’s also the winner of the 2018 Leadpages “Landing Page of the Year” award. Sarah has lent her conversion copywriting to Seth Godin and Amy Porterfield among many others. And today, she continues to help powerhouse entrepreneurs hone in and amplify their profitable, unmissable unique selling proposition, and become big players in their field.