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The only USP Framework for entrepreneurs ready to become unmistakable in their industries and hit their next big pay day.

Get up, get loud and get paid!

Here's the truth...

...Algorithms change, templates get repeated ad nauseum, that ad copy script becomes white noise---your customers tune out.

What doesn’t change and keeps you focused on YOUR messaging?

Having a Powerhouse USP (Unique Sales Proposition)

that captures and communicates why you're it in your industry

Because as the world continues to morph and the “hacks” and “tactics” of yesterday peter out, your USP stands at the core of who you are, what your business is, and why people will continue to buy (no matter what the latest trend is).

see results like...


Making competition irrelevant

... 'cause guess what? You've just carred out your own corner of the market.


Ditch brand envy

... the big players ain't got nothin' you don't-- they've just tapped into their ultimate USP and shaped the core of their stand-out messaging.


Get your big league payday

... find your thang, amplify it and make it the core of your next wildly successful launch, funnel, website... everything

Your privacy is my number one concern...after my dog... which means I won’t share or sell any of your info.

Nail your USP in 5 Steps:  

Bust through brain-blocks, find patterns, and put the pieces of your awesome together.


Examine Yo Self

...look within and find what lights you on fire.


Examine Yo Peeps

...after all it's your people who will be on the receiving end.


get to the Heart

...figure out your philosophy around your industry.


Spit it Out

...release judgment and just get your thoughts down.


Refine Yo Self

...further shape your USP to make the most kick-ass messaging this side of the interwebs.

Everything has a USP

USe the framework for...

  • Selling your next high-ticket offer
  • Creating your high-converting course launch
  • Upscaling your whole brand
  • Anything
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The mind behind the "Amplify Your Awesome" framework

I’m Sarah Zerkel (also known on the interwebs as Zerkie),  award-winning coversion copywriter and sales strategist.

Over the last 4 years, I've helped next-level entrepeneurs, killer course creators, and total bosses bottle their awesome sauce and become "the next big thing"—even in crowded industries.

Do you know why some people just seem to show up better (even though you're in the same industry)? I do.

But  don't worry, it's not  some magic the greats have that you don't. It's right at your fingertips. You just need a little help getting there.

Which is why I've built this easy-to-use tool. So you can get your hands on the same process I've used to help my clients find their powerhouse USP.

'Cause that's how rock-star messaging, high-converting launches, and 6-figure funnels happen.

So, whatdya say?

You ready to get in on this?

Hit the button below and drop me your deets
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Your privacy is my number one concern...after my dog... which means I won’t share or sell any of your info.