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world's best copy ™

A package for bosses who want to make sales and stand out with the world's best copy


You're so done...

  • Wrestling with yourself for message clarity
  • Ugly crying as you watch the cursor blink—nay MOCK you (he's such a jerk...)
  • Deciding writing feels too much like homework and quitting (for the gagillionth time) 

You've got something good. like real good... 

  • But you're not sure how to tell people about it.
  • The people who need to it most, don't seem to be knocking your door down.
  • And, you're wondering if you can keep your business alive. 
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the problem is NOT you...

But it probably is your copy

I know you've got great big goals, an amazing product or service, and ambition to match but you're not sure how to connect—like really connect—with your dream clients. 

But trust me, even the most out there of dreams can be turned into sticky, sales-generating copy that reaches out and grabs your dream clients by the heart (and the wallet). 

world's best copy™

Done-For-You Conversion Copy for bosses who are ready to connect deeply with their dream clients, light the spark that sells, and stand out in any industry. 

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Why the World's Best Copy? 

Because your website is everything—and you can't afford to screw it up. 

You've spent precious time and dollars on the pretty stuff (code, widgets, photos) but copy is what makes that pretty stuff work for you. 



...hears the internet noise and rises above it

...answers your clients' questions before they even ask

...and gives substance, context, persuasive flair to your web design.

at the end of 2 weeks you'll walk away with 3 Expertly Crafted PAges of Copy and peace of mind that your website doesn't suck

Included in this package

⇨ Pre-Work Survey

  • You answer some questions for me before we talk
  • I go over your answers and assess your current brand
  • I'll also check out your current website, offerings, and funnels (if they exist. If not, no worries, we'll still do amazing work together.) 

⇨ Brass Tacks Strategy Sesh

  • We chat over zoom and get to the heart of your business
  • You tell me what makes you awesome and what you want to convey
  • We'll go through some interview questions and exercises to bring out the best in your brand

⇨ In-depth Customer Research and Analysis (because the best copy doesn't come from your brain or mine.)

  • I do interviews with up to 5 of your past/current customers
  • Don't have that many customers yet? No, problem I also do data mining of my own based on who we identify as your dream clients

⇨ Competitor Research and Analysis

  • I do some digging into your industry and analyze the beejezus out of it 
  • I'll make some suggestions on your positioning in the market and how you can really stand out

⇨ World's Best Messaging Guide

  • Before we go about writing your copy, we need a strong foundation for your brand identity, story, and key messaging. 
  • In your World's Best Messaging Guide we'll put all the magic together to give you clarity on: 
    • Your Brand Story
    • Your Messaging
    • Your Positioning
    • Your Ideal Client
    • Your Offers
  • The Best Part? This guide is all yours and you can use it to inform future copy and content

⇨ Creative Brief

  • This is where we discuss the direction for your copy. You approve or make suggestions and I get to writing 

⇨ Round of Revisions

  • You go through all the copy  and make sure it feels exactly spot on

⇨ Edit Sesh

  • We hop on zoom together and go through everything live
  • And, that's it, you've got the World's Best Copy! Get ready to start sellin'!

timeline: 2 Weeks

investment: $2,200


This is for you if: 

  • You're looking to get clarity on your brand voice 
  • You've got a clear business idea AND/OR you've been in business for a while 
  • You're ready to make sales and bring in your dream clients 

This isn't for you if: 

  • You're not willing to think outside the box.

  • This "business thing" is just a hobby.
  • You don't have an awesome product or service to deliver to the world.


Nice Words from Clients

Sarah is amazing at interviewing both her clients and mine so she can understand their situation and provide solutions to problems they have in their business. She sees the big picture and doesn’t just think about fun and unique ways to write and say things. 

She writes in a way that helped reach my target audience and make my ideas relatable. Sarah offers great value in developing digital content strategies for clients. She doesn’t just write copy—she goes way beyond when it comes to communicating her client’s message, and that’s why I keep coming back!

- Monica Whitt, Owner One Pixel Moxie

She’s Sarah. ‘nuff said. She’s pretty damn good. 

I found her to be smart, focused, and witty. Very attuned to what I wanted my website to say. Though I had an endgame in mind, I felt lost in how to start it off in words. From understanding my personality, my image for my business and the nature of my business, she provided the narrative I needed to launch my website. Sarah got me, we worked hard and crossed the finish line together.
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- Brad Campbell, Owner Bad Brad's Bed Bug Busters

Sarah has been able to take my verbose explanations and craft them into a simple message.

She has been a lifesaver! I always think if I include enough words it will make what I am trying to explain more understandable. I overthink, spend too much time on word choices and wish I was doing anything else but writing.”

-Kristie Lemmon, Executive Director Alaska Kidney Patient Association

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   Whaddya say?