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1:1 Amplify your AWESOME call with Sarah

Congrats! You’ve been invited to grab a call with me because

1) you’re awesome and

2) you attended my training in the Business Basics Bootcamp.

Because I’m offering these calls at a discounted price, I can only open up 10 spots. And, I know they’re not gonna last long.

Look, I understand how trainings go…you get all excited, take notes, amp yourself up to use what you’ve learned aaaaaaaaaaaand life happens. Pages go unpublished. Money sits on the table.

Let’s light a little fire under your tush, to complete that amazing web page, blog, sales page (OR any other writing projects you just can’t seem to finish) with a little 1:1 time.

Because at the end of the day, once you claim your spot, this is your time with me and we can use it however (and whenever) you’d like.

Now, don’t dally ‘cause the whole kit n’ caboodle shuts down on Friday, Oct 5 at 5pm EST (assuming spots don’t sell out before that).

Let’s amplify what makes you awesome!



Spots Left: 2

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