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“Sarah has this energy that I just knew I wanted to be a part of. So I booked a session—no hesitation! She pulls out the specific parts of what you’ve been trying to say that hasn’t been clear and makes it clear to your audience. Before, my website page was vague and short. Now, it’s super specific & will either repel or inspire the right person! What she does is so important for those who have a hard time with their messaging. I would pay SO MUCH MORE for her time.”

Shannon Garrison Negi, CEO Embracing the Brilliance 

“How would I describe the work Sarah did for me? Outstanding, life changing, easy, focused, simple, and professional. Sarah is just extremely creative, calming and has great ideas and an approach that I haven't seen in my time since being an Entrepreneur.”

Kiki Stanton, Owner


“Within a minute of reading my sales page, Sarah had already somehow transformed the ‘voice’ of the page and what it was communicating. She’s not only great with words but also quick thinking and deeply in-tune with the end customer. This combination makes her a valuable and talented copywriter that I would highly recommend for any business that’s looking to grow and capture a real audience.”

Christina Lopes, DPT MPH Owner,

“Sarah is amazing at what she does she sees the big picture and doesn’t just think about fun and unique ways to write and say things.  She writes in a way that helped reach my target audience and make my ideas relatable. Sarah offers great value in developing digital content strategies for clients. She doesn’t just write copy—she goes way beyond when it comes to communicating her client’s message, and that’s why I keep coming back!”

Monica Whitt, Owner One Pixel Moxie


“We were under a tight time constraint, and two key team members were traveling at the time which made coordination very difficult. Sarah’s project management skills are unrivaled, she kept everyone on task and informed on the project. Ultimately, we we completed everything on time and on budget.”

Jim Davis, VP of Operations Lynden Air Cargo


“Sarah has been able to take my verbose explanations and craft them into a simple message. She is also a genius at deciphering my rough drafts so I don’t get stuck in the ‘I don’t know what to say’ modes.”

Kristie Lemmon, Executive Director Alaska Kidney Patient Association


“She’s Sarah. ‘nuff said. She’s pretty damn good. I found her to be smart, focused, and witty. Very attuned to what I wanted my website to say. Though I had an endgame in mind, I felt lost in how to start it off in words. From understanding my personality, my image for my business and the nature of my business, she provided the narrative I needed to launch my website. Sarah got me, we worked hard and crossed the finish line together.”

Brad Campbell, Owner Bad Brad's Bed Bug Busters


“I wasn’t sure if my website was compelling enough for my target audience, but Sarah helped me with that. She pointed out a few flaws on my “I-think-this-is-perfect” website. Flaws I completely overlooked. Now I’m confident my website will look and convert much better! Thanks Sarah, really appreciate it!”

Aliz Aj, Owner


“Sarah gave me fantastic insight on what wasn't working for my copy. She even helped me get clear about problem areas within my branding, all the while addressing things in a concise, professional voice. I would recommend her for anyone looking for clarity on their copy in a direct, action-geared format.” 

Brit McGinnis, CEO Black Bow Communications


Nathalia Copeland, Owner of

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