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A package for Solopreneurs and business owners who want to woo their dream clients and make their copy utterly Fall-In-Love-Withable.

 Illustration:  Cassidy Shankle  ton

Illustration: Cassidy Shankleton

You're ready to...

  • Have the website you want (like freakin' yesterday!).
  • Capture more traffic (of the highly engaged variety).
  • Start building trust and sell to your dream clients (uuuhh yes). 

But every time you sit down to crank out a piece of content...

  • You struggle to make your expertise relatable, sending potential clients right to Snooze-ville. 
  • You worry that your message is falling on deaf ears.
  • You ultimately attract the wrong type of clients or—*gasp*—NO clients at all. 

I know it feels like you'll never nail your voice AND simultaneously attract your dream clients. 

You toil at that keyboard day and night, writing, deleting, writing, deleting...

You're looking for clarity that just seems to allude you. 

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I'm here to tell you, it's NOT your fault. Writing to sell is no picnic.


Whether you're struggling to connect deeply with your dream clients, or you're just not sure how to turn your big, hairy, audacious (sometimes nebulous) ideas into streamlined sales-oriented prose—your key to nailing your voice, your message, and your sales is completely attainable.


The fully custom-to-you brand messaging guide that gets deep into your clients' hearts and heads and illuminates what they need to hear from you. 

Consider it your turn by turn directions to leveling-up your business with powerful, Fall-in-Love-Withable copy. 


Why Date Your Prospects? 


   Because great copy should:

  • Resonate deeply with your ideal audience
  • Build trust and close sales
  • Be part of a cohesive brand message

The words that reach out and grab your audience don't come from your head (or mine). Learning what your prospects need to hear takes getting to know them—hanging out where they hang, knowing what keeps them up at night, having deep conversations, long walks on the beach (that one's optional)....Sounds kinda like dating right? 

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Fall in love with your prospects—and they'll return the favor

At the end of 2 weeks, you'll walk away with your fully customized "Date Your Prospects Messaging guide". Included in our work together: 


Get-To-Know-Ya Sesh

  • We chat over zoom and get to the heart of your business
  • You tell me what makes you awesome and what you want to convey
  • We'll go through some interview questions and exercises to bring out the best in your brand

In Depth Customer Research and Analysis

  • Interviews with up to 5 of your past/current customers
  • Don't have that many customers yet? No, problem I also do data mining of my own based on who we identify as your dream clients
  • Analysis and summary of my findings 

Competitor Research and Analysis

  • I do some digging into your industry
  • Analysis and summary of my findings
  • Suggestions for your positioning in the market—how you can really standout

Messaging Guide

  • NEVER feel stuck when you're starting on a piece of content again
  • Know who you're talking to and the core of what makes you awesome
  • Get real language from your dream clients—learn to really sprechen their sprech
  • 2 Taglines based on all of our research and time together
  • Messaging that feels like you and will help you court your prospects right to that "BUY NOW" button
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Timeline: 2 Weeks

Investment: $1200


This is for you if: 

  • You know your dream client—you can picture her right down to her bejeweled ballet flats—but you're consistently bringing in...well...not your dream client.  
  • You're lacking clarity and consistency throughout your site.
  • You know that keeping this big dream of running your business alive relies on customers lining up to get what you got. 
  • You're ready for messaging so good you'll want to date yourself.


This isn't for you if: 

  • You're not willing to think outside the box.

  • This "business thing" is just a hobby.
  • You don't have an awesome product or service to deliver to the world.
  • You only want to rely on cheap gimmicks—like false scarcity—to sell.

Sarah is amazing at interviewing both her clients and mine so she can understand their situation and provide solutions to problems they have in their business. She sees the big picture and doesn’t just think about fun and unique ways to write and say things. 

She writes in a way that helped reach my target audience and make my ideas relatable. Sarah offers great value in developing digital content strategies for clients. She doesn't just write copy—she goes way beyond when it comes to communicating her client's message, and that's why I keep coming back!"


- Monica Whitt, Owner One Pixel Moxie

She’s Sarah. ‘nuff said. She’s pretty damn good. 

I found Sarah to be smart, focused, and witty. Very attuned to what I wanted my website to say. Though I had an endgame in mind, I felt lost in how to start it off in words. From understanding my personality, my image for my business and the nature of my business, she provided the narrative I needed to launch my website. Sarah got me, we worked hard and crossed the finish line together.

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- Brad Campbell, Owner Bad Brad's Bed Bug Busters

Sarah has been able to take my verbose explanations and craft them into a simple message.

Sarah has been a lifesaver! I always think if I include enough words it will make what I am trying to explain more understandable. I overthink, spend too much time on word choices and wish I was doing anything else but writing."


-Kristie Lemmon, Executive Director Alaska Kidney Patient Association